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  Finished There is not enough gold… But it is only a reflection Only the moon Reflecting the sun This painting, titled “Finished” is the sequel to my earlier painting, “Jenna’s Hands” inspired by Jenna’s story. Both were done on … Continued

Beneath the Fig Tree

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        A place of rest, a place of hope Silence was spoken   The story continued And roots grew deep   Secrets revealed In the gold of the leaves   Fire or rain Shall grace her frame … Continued

The Unknown Winter

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As Christmas approaches I often find myself feeling a little homesick. In my house, Christmas has always been a time of family and togetherness with deep meaning and remembrance. For me it is one of my favorite times of the year. This Christmas, … Continued

Jenna’s Hands

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     Jenna’s Hands The beauty of her hands… Goes deeper than her slender fingers It is more than the grace with which she holds them;  Deeper than the strength within them   The beauty of her hands is in … Continued

The Forgotten Bridge

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I walked down the abandoned dirt road, and hoped I would remember the way. The road began to narrow and slowly became dirt, then turned to overgrown grass and plants as it ascended up the rocky hills. The path seemed … Continued

Travel… a dream?

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Sometimes I wonder about my dream to travel the world. I love visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures, but I don’t love the before and after, I don’t love the travel. Sometimes it can be great, and other times … Continued

Shadows of Bronze

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We walked down the wet cobblestone streets, laughing and talking. The rain had almost stopped and was now just barely raining, the streetlights shined brightly as the sky began to darken creating reflections on the wet ground.  We approached the … Continued