Salisbury Beach – The Magic Window

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Salisbury Sunrise

It’s amazing how different the ocean can look from just one hour to the next. I really could have painted many more ocean scenes out the exact same window and still none would be the same. The sunrise every morning changed especially fast and each day would show a new array of colors painted in the sky.

The Calm Before the Storm
Sometimes it felt like my little temporary studio was set up in front of a magic window, every day a new ocean. Some days would be bright and warm, other days cloudy and gray, and a few mornings I woke up to a winter snow storm with big waves crashing down on the beach and snow blowing across the sand.
Ocean Storm
The power and complexity of the ocean is amazing to me. As I worked to capture it with paint, I realized more and more how immensely beautiful it truly is and how little paintings or photographs do it justice. But still I must try. How could I look out at such a beautiful view and not want to capture it forever?

Winter Sunrise

  1. Maura

    These works are so beautiful! You had these gorgeous canvas’ in front of you! ( i saw fotos too ) and you really captured the changes so well from day to day!

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