The Unknown Winter

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As Christmas approaches I often find myself feeling a little homesick. In my house, Christmas has always been a time of family and togetherness with deep meaning and remembrance. For me it is one of my favorite times of the year. This Christmas, … Continued


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It was a cool spring day as we walked down the street past shops full of leather purses, scarves, woven blankets and jewelry. The city was built on a hill and the street ran up away from the small river … Continued

Shadows of Bronze

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We walked down the wet cobblestone streets, laughing and talking. The rain had almost stopped and was now just barely raining, the streetlights shined brightly as the sky began to darken creating reflections on the wet ground.  We approached the … Continued


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  One day, I went hiking with my family and some friends. It wasn’t a difficult hike but we went slowly, so it took us most of the day. We started at the base of the mountain and hiked up … Continued


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The souk can be a chaotic place, and even more so if you’ve never been. The first few times I went to the souk I was too overwhelmed to notice much of anything except the noise and crowds of people. … Continued


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Sometimes we go with our friends to a cafe near the king’s palace. The seating is mostly outside, and surrounded by palm trees. Their specialty is Moroccan tea, and it’s unusual to order anything other than the traditional green tea … Continued

Market Day at the Souk

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One day, in the middle of summer, I went to the souk with my mom and a Moroccan friend. We walked about twenty minutes from our house to the nearest vegetable souk with our small cart. It was a busy … Continued

Cultural Reflection

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It was a warm fall day, and we had decided to take a trip to Chefchaouen; a small city in the mountains known for the blue houses and buildings within it’s medina walls. We took a blue taxi, paying for … Continued

A Road Well Traveled

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“Medina” is the arabic word for city and often refers to the old walled part of the city. It is usually a maze of streets that run in all directions and the streets can be large enough for a car … Continued