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The souk can be a chaotic place, and even more so if you’ve never been.

The first few times I went to the souk I was too overwhelmed to notice much of anything except the noise and crowds of people.

After that though, I tried to find the small things within the souk, the details that make the souk what it is.

I walked through the souk looking for the meaning amidst the chaos. I wasn’t expecting to see much, I only wanted to see the the scene in pause instead of what seemed to me something like fast-forward.

As  I walked and observed, what I found surprised me. I saw little boys selling vinegar and salt, women tying bundles of parsley with strips of palm leaves, a little girl pulling a cart for her mother, a couple of old men talking beside a pile of watermelons, a woman selling bright pink candy to some children, and a group of young men laughing behind crates of apples.

As I saw these small glimpses into peoples’ lives, I realized that there was more to this chaos than I had imagined. I realized that the souk wasn’t so much chaotic as it was full of life.

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